Dr. Kirwan about Celebrities’ bad cosmetic surgery


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Dr Laurence Kirwan

Dr Laurence Kirwan’s biography published on WIKIPEDIA gives an overview of his professional achievements and personal ethics.

Celebrities’ bad cosmetic surgery results not due to luck, noted cosmetic surgeon says

Cosmetic Surgery not a Throw of the Dice

When a celebrity’s cosmetic surgery goes wrong, sometimes horribly wrong, it’s convenient to chalk up the results to “bad luck,” but that’s usually not the case, said noted Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kirwan.

“There’s more involved than a simple roll of the dice. Aesthetic surgery is a big step and some celebrities don’t go through the correct steps to ensure a good outcome,” Dr. Kirwan said.

Dr. Kirwan is a recognised international leader in aesthetic plastic surgery with clinics in Harley Street, London; New York City; and Connecticut, USA. He specialises in aesthetic plastic surgery of the face, breast and body.

“People assume a celebrity’s access, money and power will guarantee them the best cosmetic surgeon available but that’s not always the case,” Dr. Kirwan said.

Dr.Kirwan thinks one reason celebrity surgeries often don’t go well is that celebrities simply don’t do enough research to find the best surgeon for their particular procedure. They might consult their manager or other adviser instead of doing the research themselves and that’s not a good idea, he said.

“These celebrities must live with the results of their surgeries, so it behooves them to research the surgeons themselves,” Dr. Kirwan said.

The surgeon should be listed on the specialist register of the country where he trained in cosmetic surgery, he said.

Dr. Kirwan said another reason celebrities’ cosmetic surgeries don’t turn out well is they just don’t know when enough is enough.

“Sometimes it’s apparent that neither lack of surgical skill nor bad luck is the culprit; the person just had the same area worked on one (or more) too many times.”

Sometimes a second procedure is necessary but it doesn’t follow that more always is better with the “poster child” being Michael Jackson and his nose, of course, Dr. Kirwan said.

Another good (or bad) example is Italian socialite Michaela Romanini, who underwent far too many lip and Botox injections and now has a wrinkled neck and unusually large lips, Dr.Kirwan said.

A third reason celebrities’ cosmetic surgeries don’t turn out well is the surgeons themselves fall victim to what one might call “the lure of celebrity,” Dr. Kirwan said.

“They abandon common sense, seeking to become celebrities themselves. It’s hard to resist, especially if the celebrities themselves exploit that,” Dr.Kirwan said.

Dr. Kirwan said he would give a celebrity the same advice he gives his other patients, “Make sure you know why you’re seeking the surgery. Are you genuinely ‘fixing’ something or just trying to ‘improve’ something?” Lastly, Surgeons themselves should remain grounded and avoid the tendency of the media and their patients to paint them into a celebrity corner. The duty of care for all patients is the same regardless of means or fame.

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Dr. Kirwan MD, FRCS, FACS, Plastic Surgeon, is a recognised international leader in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He offers a superior level of knowledge, care and understanding to help patients achieve the improvement they desire.

Dr. Kirwan has clinics in Harley Street, LondonNew York Manhattan and Norwalk Connecticut, USA.  He specialises in aesthetic plastic surgery of the face, breast and body.

• Today, Dr Kirwan is widely regarded as an expert in surgery of the face, breast and body, and is credited as being one of the first physicians to practice Botox injections in the UK.

• For the past ten years Dr. Kirwan has limited his practice to aesthetic plastic surgery of the face, breast and body – apart from his work with charities, where he has donated his surgical skills to perform reconstructive surgery in cases of birth defects and war injuries.

Dr. Kirwan was born in Liverpool, England. He graduated in Medicine in 1974 from Manchester University, and became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1979.

Dr Kirwan spent over six years training in General Surgery in England, Australia and the United States. To become a Plastic Surgeon he completed residencies at the University of Colorado in Denver, Colorado and at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. He is Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), who also awarded him a Certificate of Added Qualifications in Surgery of the Hand.

Today, Dr.Laurence Kirwan is widely regarded as an expert in aesthetic surgery of the face, breast and body, and has published many original scientific papers, which can be read on his website: www.cosmeticplasticsurgery.uk.com .  He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and Professor of Plastic Surgery of the International School of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at the University of Belgrade.

Dr. Kirwan is a trainer and speaker for Dysport and Sculptra and has given over 10 courses at the Annual Scientific Meetings of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).  ASAPS invited him to present a course on ‘Adjunctive Techniques in Aesthetic Breast Surgery’ at its Annual Scientific Meeting in 2010.  He has also been an invited expert panelist at many other international Plastic Surgery meetings.

Dr. Kirwan believes strongly in sharing his expertise and knowledge in order to raise the general standards of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.  He teaches at the Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Program at New York Eye & Ear Infirmary – Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery section – and regularly mentors Plastic Surgeons in training in the UK.

The January 2006 issue of Russian Vogue listed Dr.Kirwan as one of the Top 20 Plastic Surgeons, worldwide. He was named one of Tatler magazine’s Top Surgeons in their 2004/07/08/09 and 2010 Cosmetic Surgery Guide and was included in London’s 1,000 Most Influential People report, published by the London Evening Standard in 2007/08/09 and 2010.  Dr.Kirwan also featured in The World’s Top Surgeons & Clinics, published by Beyond Black Publications and was listed in Debrett’s ‘People of Today’ .

Professor Kirwan has featured in over a 100 magazines and newspaper articles around the world. He has treated many celebrities and was referred to as Ulrika Jonsson‘s surgeon in Hello Magazine and several other publications, having reduced and lifted her breasts as well as performing axilla-plasty on her under arms, which is one of his own procedures. Laurence Kirwan is, however, well known for his discretion in treating many people in the public eye who prefer to avoid publicity.

He has published three books: The Cutting Edge (Artnik, 2004) ISBN 1-903906-22-9, about Plastic Surgery; My Mole Book – a guidebook for children, explaining what happens when stitches or a mole are removed and, My Life So Far, a biography of Ophelia Kirwan, his daughter with Down Syndrome. These are all available either through Artnik Publishers or Amazon.com. He was featured in several others such as Plastic Surgery: The Worlds’ Top Surgeons and Clinics (Beyond Black Publications, 2007)  and The Goddess Guide by Gisele Scanlon (Harper Collins, 2007).

Prof. Kirwan has published extensively in journals and books related to Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery and taught Instructional Courses and participated in Expert Panels at National and International Scientific Meetings such as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Professor Laurence Kirwan’s philosophy is never to do so much that the patient looks unnatural and never to do too little so that improvement is only in the eye of the beholder. His constant goal is to improve the aesthetics and quite simply create ageless beauty, whether it be a harmony of form or a recreation of youthful features.

Dr. Kirwan’s contact informations

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Thermage: a great skin rejunation technique from Dr Laurence Kirwan

Dr. Kirwan is a member of these professional organizations: 

• The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) external link
• The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) external link
• British Medical Association external link

Prof. Kirwan holds these credentials:

• Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery external link
• Specialist Register, Plastic Surgery, Republic of Ireland
• Specialist Register, Plastic Surgery, Finland
• Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England external link
• Fellow of the American College of Surgeons external link
• Professor of Plastic Surgery, International School of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 1996

Hospital affiliations:

• New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, New York, New York USA external link
• Norwalk Hospital, Norwalk, Connecticut USA external link
• Greenwich Hospital, Greenwich, Connecticut USA external link
• Hospital of St. John & St. Elizabeth, London, England external link
• London Welbeck Hospital, London, England external link
• Princess Grace Hospital, London, England external link